What is Embroidery?

Simply put, embroidery is a way of reproducing text or a design on a garment using stitches instead of ink.

Firstly a design is digitized using specialist software in order for the machine to read the sequence of stitches.

It can then be sewn directly into the garment. There are advantages and disadvantages when considering this process.

They are:-

  • Advantages
  • Highly Durable.
  • Great for Workwear.
  • Doesn't crack or fade over time.
  • Gives a premium look and feel over some other decoration processes.
  • Disadvantages
  • Not suitable for "large areas".
  • Can't reproduce highly detailed designs or images.
  • Not suitable for very small text below around 5mm
  • Slightly more expensive than print in most cases.

All our machines are of the latest generation and can embroider up to 12 colours.

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